Kugoo Kugoo G-BOOSTER | Powerful eScooter for Suburban Leisure
Kugoo Kugoo G-BOOSTER | Powerful eScooter for Suburban Leisure
Kugoo Kugoo G-BOOSTER | Powerful eScooter for Suburban Leisure
Kugoo Kugoo G-BOOSTER | Powerful eScooter for Suburban Leisure
Kugoo Kugoo G-BOOSTER | Powerful eScooter for Suburban Leisure
Kugoo Kugoo G-BOOSTER | Powerful eScooter for Suburban Leisure
Kugoo Kugoo G-BOOSTER | Powerful eScooter for Suburban Leisure

Kugoo G-BOOSTER | Powerful eScooter for Suburban Leisure

Kugoo G-Booster escooter, Best Folding Electric Scooter for Suburban Leisure, Off-road, best for adults, with user manual, Water proof, Up to 55km/h, 800W Dual Motor, 85km Long Range, 48V 23Ah Battery, Fast Charging Technology, 10" Vacuum Pneumatic Tires, legal electric scooter for 2021.

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   55km/h Max. Speed
   85Km Range
   800W Dual Powerful Motor
   264.5 lbs (120 kg)  Max Payload
   48V 23Ah Battery + Fast Charging Technology
   Front + Rear Disc Brake
   Front Shock Mitigation System
   35% Uphill Grade, More powerful than average
   Built-In Double Head LED Lamp + Rear Tail Lamp
   10" Wheel with Pneumatic tire
   IP55 Water Resistence
   Road Adaptive



Click here to download the KUGOO G-booster user manual.
Click here to download the KUGOO G-booster CE Marking.

For safety reason, please do not ride kugoo G booster electric scooter on rainy days, and not soak the electric scooter. Please Click here to know the safety tips.

Please follow local laws and ride on the roads permitted by law.


 Brand: KUGOO 
 Type: Electric Scooter 
 Model: G-BOOSTER 

Machine Parameters

 Motor Power: 800W x 2
 Battery Capacity: 48V/23Ah
 Charging Time: 10h
 Range: 85km
 Max Speed: 55km/h
 Climbing Slope: 35 degree
 Frame Material: Aluminium alloy
 Tire: 10inch Pneumatic tire
 Max Load: 120kg

Dimensions&Weight  Product Weight: 30kg
 Package Weight: 38kg
 Product Size(L x W x H): 120 x 26 x 118cm
 Package Size(L x W x H): 124 x 30 x 65cm
Package Contents

1 x KUGOO G-booster Electric Scooter
1 x Removable seat
1 x Tool Kit

1 x Charger 
1 x User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jason Luan
Portable, Fast, Easy to Use

This is one of the best scooters in the market. After having the scooter for almost a month, I can say that I am very impressed. i found this scooter to be very convenient when commuting, especially when commuting to work (3 miles commute each way). The features that impressed me the most with this scooter includes:
-speed setting and acceleration, allowing me to adjust my speed as needed. There are total of 3 gears
-there is a headlight in the front and a brake light in the back. I definitely feel comfortable riding the scooter at night as the headlight is bright enough to light up at least 30 feet in front of me.
-control panel very easy to read.

I am definitely very impressed with this scooter. Living in an area where parking can get expensive, having a scooter that allows me to commute long range helps out a lot.


okay, I'll try to keep it shortand sweet, to the point.. basically, this scooter is SO worth it to me! Yes, it is expensive and yes there are E-scooters out there for less money that can be AWESOME too?

but THIS scooter.. THIS scooter is special.. and I'm not being paid to say this either, this scooter is seriously awesome and is likely going to become the center of my affection for years to come! I'm VERY impressed!
I know what I'm talking about here too as I actually own FOUR other E-scooters ranging from the mundane to the extreme, and I've been riding e scooters for a couple years now as my everyday transportation. I don't own a car, and I LOVE E-scooters, so I wont call myself an "expert", but I DO know what I'm saying when I say that the Kugoo G booster is one of the coolest and most comfortable scoots I've had the pleasure of owning. There is just so much to say about it.. and I will update this review in a week or so when I've had more opportunity to mess things up and break stuff.. Basically I'll be putting this scooter through hell.. and I'll report back on how its doing, but I forsee no big problems? the build quality is AMAZING! its NOT a cheap toy.. this is some serious equipment..

A splendid electric scooter

Bought this for my wife as a birthday present. As horrified of driving a car as she is, I convinced her to give this electric scooter a try so she can go to the grocery, pick up something from a nearby store or simply just ride for fun. It didn't disappoint, she was able to get a very good handle of this after just 5 minutes. The scooter has 3 speed mode setting which I think is the smartest safety feature that you can have on an electric scooter. Each mode has a max speed that sets a limit on the maximum speed you can reach with that speed mode. For example, mode 1 sets a top speed at 10 mph. That means it won't go faster than 10 mph even if you keep pressing on the accelerator. In order to go faster, you would need to switch to the next higher speed mode. Mode 3 has the fastest speed of a maximum speed of 25 mph. There is also a display of batter status on the speedometer. This scooter also comes with head light and a tiny horn. This scooter is amazing in terms of quality and performance but they could spice it up a notch by adding a detachable chair or a basket for backpack.

Janek Ivanov
Very fast, i like it!

I bought it almost 2 months ago but you can see from the tyres and the condition is very new, I live in Dublin urban area, and this model scooter has been my best important friend.


Yes. You are allowed to return the scooter within 7 days to our warehouse in Poland and get refunded. After 7 days, we do not accept refund but we can send you spare parts and help you fix it online.

Yes. it does. This is Free Shipping. You do not have to pay addtional shipping cost except uncovered area in Europe.

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