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12 Years of Experience, with Over 1 Million e-scooters and e-bikes sold.

A Story of Hard Work and Perfection

Freego established in 2009, now with presence in all continents. North America is now part of this journey too, our experienced team delivered globally more than 1 Million of Electric vehicles from E-scooters, Lightweight Personal E-scooters, High-end Fast Electric Scooters, Outdoor and Sharing Scooters for Ride-share Application. Freego is an European Union brand ,Trademark and a professional high tech company specializing in creating short-distance transporters for all. Located in Rome Italy, Freego Tech has had over 8 years of experience in electric vehicle technologies, selling their products in over 80 countries with agents located in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK, France and Canada. Over the years, Freego has established for itself a good and trusted reputation recognized worldwide. Thanks to its excellent global network, Freego Tech has partnered up with Freego China, a manufacturing factory located in Shenzhen, China, allowing them to have a wide range of services and materials at their disposal in China’s own silicone valley. The company prides itself in dealing honestly and strives to create a healthier world by creating the world’s next personal vehicles.

Freego High Tech Corp

Established in 2009, Freego is becoming one of the largest manufacturer Globally.

  • 12- year Factory Experience; Excellent Engineering Team
  • Daily Production 500-100pcs; 4500-Square-meter workshop
  • Main Market: USA, Europe, South America
  • 50+ Patents and Software Copyrights

Freego Global Services

Custom Branding OEM

More 14 Models available that we can rebrand and customize.

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We can help you to develop a custom vehicle according to your requirement.

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Full Custom Solution

We can deliver not just a vehicle but a full end-to-end solution Including software

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Ready for Sharing

Calling out, Sharing Scooter and Ebike operators to join.

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Direct to consumer sales

Freego Europe

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As wide set of services were created to deliver the highest quality of Electric Vehicles and the best in market solutions, for Private, Sharing or custom development services.

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