Fast & Powerful | Freego G2 Pro

The Best for eScooter
for Suburbs Leisure

Max speed 40km/h | 50km Range | 800W Motor
Dedicated for Off-road

Freego G-booster
High-speed e-Scooter

Start to explore the world

Kugoo M4 Pro

45km/h range | 500W Motor | 65km Range

Recommended by Freego Engineers

The Best for Suburban Leisure

Powerful: 800W Dual Motor

Go Fast: 45KM/H

Go Further: 30-40KM Range

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The Best Off-road Cruiser

Powerful: 1600W Dual Motor

High-speed: 55KM/H

Go Further: 60-70KM Range

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Reviewed By Modern Life

Portable Electric Scooter

What makes an electric scooter portable? Easy. It needs to fit in the trunk of your car and must be lightweight enough to carry it with you wherever you go.

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