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Get an Electric Scooter an Option With No Gas Expenditure

Kugoo S1 | Budget Model

350W Motor, 25km Range, 30m/h

€293 | Free shipping

Freego E10 Pro | City Cruiser

350W Motor, 35km Range, 35km/h Fast speed

€799 | Free shipping

Freego F12 | Suburb Explorer

500W Motor, 60km Range, 35km/h

€1,036 | Free shipping


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E-scooter Accessories

Kugoo M4 Pro | Fast
A soft seat along with Dual Shock Mitigation System, enjoy your long distance ride.
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Discover spring with Freego
Free move, Go Green
Save gas, go green
City Cruiser
Freego E10 Pro
Move faster 40km/h than average
Climb hills easier with 500W Motor
Riding feel better with front suspension fork
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Enjoy the Excellent
Riding Experience

Experience our Flagship F12

Best for city commute

This e-bike is awesome


Freego kugoo motor for front wheel & real wheel

MSRP €112

Tires & Inflatable Tire

Freego kugoo tires & Inflatable Tire

MSRP €36

Alarm Password Lock

Freego mobility lock and door lock,
programmable 4 digital passwords.

MSRP €61

Phone Holder

Freego phone holder, for bicycle & scooter, Smart mobile phone app control.

MSRP €25

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