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Segway Tour: Canals

 Amsterdam is famous as the "Venice of the North"

The city is popular because of its beautiful canals and bridges built in 17th century during the Golden Age. Since 2010 this part of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage buildings list. Canal houses built on top of wooden pillars, house boats, the tiniest canal, the widest bridge, or Negen Straatjes (Nine Little Streets) are some of the beauties you will see on our tour.

Remember that even if you have done the canal cruise, there are many things to still discover on the canals and the view will be always different from the water as from the roads and even more interesting from this 2-wheels machines where you are completly mobile and you can stop, and turn when every you like and discover all the details you like !

  • 90min private tour
  • Start time on customer requires
  • Canal History 
  • 17th century buildings
  • Photo opportunity
  • Recomended for small or big groups,families,couples

At the beginning of our all tours, you will get a full instruction training on how to use the Segway, so that you are completely comfortable and safe while driving the segway! 

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