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Must-have Electric Scooter for Commuters

I'm 180lbs man, it works very well. I usually rides this electric scooter for commuting. Fashion appearance, durable design, comfortable riding attracts me most. As a commuter, I feel tired to rush into crowds every day. This scooter is totally a nice companion to me.

1. Unique Folding Merchanism - Fold and unfolded can be finished in 1 second. The whole folding part is very compact, and there is a safety buckle to ensure the folding latch won't fallen down during riding. Good design.
2. Powerful Motor - This 350W powerful motor can reach top of 570W, I can easily reach 16-18 mph no problem.
3. Long Travel Distance - 8AH LG Battery is obvious bouns. It allows me to travel range of 16-18 miles. My weight is 180 lbs, so it is reliable.


I'm glad I have it, but the scooter doesn't go 50 km per hour. Even at idle it goes 40.1 km per hour. With a wheel size of 10 inches, the speed is 40.1 km per hour. And I don't have instructions for use.

fun and easy!

Awesome!!! Right out of the box it was charged and I took off! Zoom!! Even carried my 6'4" 240lb hubby like a champ! So fun!

Battery life

The advertising range was 28 miles got over 28 miles, super fast. recommend to buy.

Feature rich daily driver for grocery runs

So I’ve only had it for a few hours but I’m really impressed so far. The app provides a lot of cool options for customizing performance. I will say idk who is riding this thing at 19mph cause on my run to the store I noticed that it gets a bit squirrelly at around 16mph. I’ve never had much luck with bikes in this town (tires would get punctured in a week or 2) so the solid airless tires were a big selling point for me. I’ll mostly be using this for a daily grocery runs and just cruising around a bit. As long as it holds up this should turn out to be a pretty solid purchase.

I’ll update this as I use it more but unless there is some type of catastrophic failure I think I’ll be pretty happy with this for a while.

I’ve had my kugoo b1 for a few months now and I’m still as happy now as the day I first tried it so would recommend it

It has front shocks!

Fun to ride.

Very solid and fun scooters, these accelerate and take hills surprisingly well, which I was worried about (I weigh ~160lbs). The battery life is also pretty good, but I wouldn’t expect 18 miles as advertised. Just keep in mind that hills and wind will reduce your range. These scooters do hit 18mph easily, even up some hills, but the cruise control is a little weird and there’s no easy way to set it and no indication at all of when it is set. The materials in the build feel solid, I was a little disappointed that the plastic screen protector you tear off the screen took the plastic part of the screen itself off too, but I was able to put it back and I haven’t had any issues with it. The headlight on the scooter is adequately bright at night. Overall though, for the price this is an excellent scooter.

Посылка пришла за 5 дней в Литву,без налога т.к. заказ с ЕС.Польша.Самокат оригинал( гравировка на руле KUGOO). Продавец отзывчивый, в случае гарантии оветил поможет. Пробный заезд ещё не делали,радости полные штаны. Мотор 350W,фара яркая,аморты,колёса монолитные,резина.Люфтов руля пока нет.Надеюсь заявленные 30km. будет проезжать при весе 70kg.

Money worthy

Good scooter but not great, battery life is highly dependent for sure u can get 14 miles pre charge.
15.5mph speed is only achievable when the battery is more than 50% below 50% battery 13mph speed and last 25% 11mph.

Ahoj, Kolobežka je super a vyzerá výborne, všetko bolo v poriadku najmä komunikácia s predajcom. Už máme prvé Km a zatiaľ funguje výborne. Ďakujem.

I can SCOOT!!!

As a 58 year old, not particularly athletic woman, I was a little hesitant to jump on the electric scooter bandwagon. But, glad I did!!!

This scooter was a perfect compromise between being lightweight enough to get it in and out of the stairs and front entryway of my apartment building (must be carried), and powerful enough to make it up the steep hills in my neighborhood. I wasn't interested in setting speed records, and the 16 mile range is plenty for me. I definitely wanted something stable enough to be easy to learn to ride.

I'm happy to report that it took almost no time at all to get comfortable on this scooter! Just one ride and I pretty much had it down pat. And if I can do it, ANYONE can!! It's easy to handle in traffic as you can stay stable going as slow as 2-3 mph, and quickly jump off to stop when needed. I was also very pleased that the scooter is rock stable going over bumps or small holes.

This is a pretty decent machine. If not for the hills I would have preferred a lighter weight scooter, but given that situation this is probably the best I could have done without forking over more than twice the cash.

Beautiful way to get around for good price

Super smooth easy to handle and figure out. Assembly was minamal and only hindered by fact that box was destroyed in shipping so extra screws and wrench where missing so had to use my own but was perfectly fine other wise. Very heavy tho even for what it is more then i expected but i think makes better, more sturdy with no rattle or anything unless hit bump or somthing but other than that it rides like a dream. Couldnt recomend enough for the price.

Very happy with value

We live and travel on a sailboat, when we stop to work, getting a car, insurance, registration, maintenance etc can be too much to deal with, likewise, taxis and Ubers can add up fast. At 350 this pays for itself very quickly. I commute 5 miles to work, easily handled back and forth by the battery, trip is 30 minutes each way, about the same time as calling a cab, waiting for cab and the drive there.

This model is very nice at the price point. Easy to ride, folds up quick and is light weight enough to easily stow in the dinghy and take back to the boat. Because of it's size it's also convienent to store aboard when traveling.

My only caveats is this model has poor suspension, and for anything but very smooth sidewalks, you feel bumps pretty strongly, however you do get used to it. I'm happy with the purchase but next time I would upgrade to a model with a stronger suspension system. I also don't like the battery life indicator as it's not a percentage which is rather unforgivable for a lithium battery.

Had it for over a week now and done about 25 miles and 73.9 kgs and top speed is 18 mph as ive changed to mph in settings. Its as good as the suface you ride on and ive been on numerous surfaces. You have to figure out your best routes to places even if it means going around but trust me you get there faster on smooth surfaces 😄 it can handle going up hills aswell at a steady 10 mph dont expect mount Everest though 🔥 Sticks to its speed well and is enjoyable to ride It folds we...

Great but ...

Very good bike but you can't find spare accessory part... No brake pads no battery so if you have an issue after the warranty you have to throw it away and buy a new one

You need to get one now period

I love this product I won't lie for a long time I thought about it if it was worth it until the day came and I bought one and I never thought I could have so much fun on this bike and I someone who has dirtbikes so that is way I was iffy on buying one 100percent satisfying and I giggle like a little girl when I ride this product no lie get one

Portable, Fast, Easy to Use

This is one of the best scooters in the market. After having the scooter for almost a month, I can say that I am very impressed. i found this scooter to be very convenient when commuting, especially when commuting to work (3 miles commute each way). The features that impressed me the most with this scooter includes:
-speed setting and acceleration, allowing me to adjust my speed as needed. There are total of 3 gears
-there is a headlight in the front and a brake light in the back. I definitely feel comfortable riding the scooter at night as the headlight is bright enough to light up at least 30 feet in front of me.
-control panel very easy to read.

I am definitely very impressed with this scooter. Living in an area where parking can get expensive, having a scooter that allows me to commute long range helps out a lot.


okay, I'll try to keep it shortand sweet, to the point.. basically, this scooter is SO worth it to me! Yes, it is expensive and yes there are E-scooters out there for less money that can be AWESOME too?

but THIS scooter.. THIS scooter is special.. and I'm not being paid to say this either, this scooter is seriously awesome and is likely going to become the center of my affection for years to come! I'm VERY impressed!
I know what I'm talking about here too as I actually own FOUR other E-scooters ranging from the mundane to the extreme, and I've been riding e scooters for a couple years now as my everyday transportation. I don't own a car, and I LOVE E-scooters, so I wont call myself an "expert", but I DO know what I'm saying when I say that the Kugoo G booster is one of the coolest and most comfortable scoots I've had the pleasure of owning. There is just so much to say about it.. and I will update this review in a week or so when I've had more opportunity to mess things up and break stuff.. Basically I'll be putting this scooter through hell.. and I'll report back on how its doing, but I forsee no big problems? the build quality is AMAZING! its NOT a cheap toy.. this is some serious equipment..

A splendid electric scooter

Bought this for my wife as a birthday present. As horrified of driving a car as she is, I convinced her to give this electric scooter a try so she can go to the grocery, pick up something from a nearby store or simply just ride for fun. It didn't disappoint, she was able to get a very good handle of this after just 5 minutes. The scooter has 3 speed mode setting which I think is the smartest safety feature that you can have on an electric scooter. Each mode has a max speed that sets a limit on the maximum speed you can reach with that speed mode. For example, mode 1 sets a top speed at 10 mph. That means it won't go faster than 10 mph even if you keep pressing on the accelerator. In order to go faster, you would need to switch to the next higher speed mode. Mode 3 has the fastest speed of a maximum speed of 25 mph. There is also a display of batter status on the speedometer. This scooter also comes with head light and a tiny horn. This scooter is amazing in terms of quality and performance but they could spice it up a notch by adding a detachable chair or a basket for backpack.

All good. Thank you.


Well my scooter turned up and wow well happy with it , I was dubious ordering from here as never have done but I needn't of worried arrived in in 6 days and looks really nice ! The front suspension is a bit noisy but was expected from watching reviews online , but overall it's great up to 15mph could do with another 5mph motor would be good for it

Super Convenient

This is a well made, sturdy scooter. BUT it is powerful. Takes off like a rocket. It is a beast. Great scooter for adults who need long battery power and a safe, strong ride. It would be great for someone who had to park far away from work and then scooter in. It folds but it is heavy......

Amazing scooter! Rode on it today for the first time, incredible!

The scooter looks really professional, strong, not a toy, the riding is complete enjoyment!


Excelente, cumplió mis expectativas. Es muy rapida