Kugoo S1

Kugoo S1, a 350w motor Budget Commuter, fetures a foldable design along with a Dual Shock Mitigation System, perfect for the city ride.

Now €278

Kugoo M4 Pro

With a 500w motor, 16Ah Battery, soft seat, Dual Shock Mitigation System and much more, kugoo M4 Pro is the most comfortable Premium Commuter, enjoy your long distance ride.

Now €660

Kugoo G Booster

kugoo G Booster is a top speed perfermance escooter that is close to maxi scooter, with Dual 800w motor providing you 55km/h power, to feel the most wild off-road experience.

Now €1.076

Budget Commuter

If you're starting out on your rear wheels journey, or looking for a folding light scooter to get through the city, our europe scooter shop provide you cheap electric scooter under €350.

Folding Light
Kugoo KIRIN S1
Freego controller empowers kugoo kirin s1, let's start a comfortable ride.
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Mid-priced Commuter

If you are not a novice, and want to fit both your wallet and needs, luckily, Freego europe shop provides affordable electric scooter models that work perfectly, costs from €350 to €550.

Suburban Leisure
Freego F8
Freego folding light mobility scooter, balancing speed and comfort.
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Premium Commuter

Golden standard of the mobility scooter industry, adults's favorite mobility scooter, freego europe scooter shop provide you powerful scooters from €550 to €900.

long distance
Kugoo KIRIN M4 Pro
A soft seat along with Dual Shock Mitigation System, enjoy your long distance ride.
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Freego Controller
Freego E10 Pro
3 ride modes with front led light safety warning taillight, not only security.
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Performance eScooter

Better than the best, meet all your requirements for quality. High performance of Top Speed, Power, Energy Efficiency, Durability and low Maintenance.

Kugoo G2 Pro
Editor favorites, ultimate 800w Power along with Dual Shock Mitigation System.
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Kugoo G1

Feel Top Speed, 40 km/h electric mobility scooter, freego controller make it smarter.

Now €899


What's our favorite scooter in Freego Europe store? Absolutely kugoo G Booster.

Now €1.076

Freego F12

Freego mobility scooter revolution is coming, freego F12 is our answer, how could scooter be so sery?

MSRP €1.014


Freego europe store only provides best electric bike, get you away from annoying bike problems.

Folding Light
Kugoo KIRIN B2
Kugoo powerful moped electric bike, You can't image how fast it is.
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Accessories & Parts

All the electric scooter accessories you need to keep you and your e-scooter safe and in peak performance.


Freego kugoo motor for front wheel & real wheel

MSRP €112

Tires & Inflatable Tire

Freego kugoo tires & Inflatable Tire

MSRP €36

Alarm Password Lock

Freego mobility lock and door lock,
programmable 4 digital passwords.

MSRP €61

Phone Holder

Freego phone holder, for bicycle & scooter, Smart mobile phone app control.

MSRP €25

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