Kugoo Freego Fender | For electric scooter
Kugoo Freego Fender | For electric scooter
Kugoo Freego Fender | For electric scooter
Kugoo Freego Fender | For electric scooter

Freego & Kugoo Fender | For electric scooter

High quality plastic fender, easy to install.

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Upgrade Materials: Made of high quality Plastic.Sturdy and durable.

Essencial Replacement Parts:Used to replace the original broken fender.

Easy to install: It can be easily replaced by yourself.

A variety of models fender to choose from and Compatible With:

Kugoo KIRIN M4

Kugoo S1

Kugoo S1 Pro

Kugoo KIRIN S1

Kugoo ES2


Kugoo M2 Pro


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Let’s Answer Your Questions

Yes. You are allowed to return the scooter within 7 days to our warehouse in Los Angles and get refunded. After 7 days, we do not accept refund but we can send you spare parts and help you fix it online.

Yes. it does. This is Free Shipping. You do not have to pay addtional shipping cost except uncovered area in USA.

Freego is a 9-year-old e-Mobility Brand which is famous in Europe and South America. Now it comes to USA. Freego has their own factories located in Shenzhen, Dongguan city, China