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SM-10S Honor 2 | PrideR For seniors and people with mobility issues

$1,599.00 USD $1,799.00 USD

SM-10S Honor 2 | PrideR For seniors and people with mobility issues

  • The world the best &ere; as long as permanent Just slow mobile. Lightweight Two-part electric motorcycle
  • It provides mobility for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, and mobility for many people who feel self-conscious using a wheelchair. Now they can “keep walking”.
  • It can be loaded into a car in seconds
  • It can be used on airplanes and anywhere.
The Problem
People cannot put current scooters in the trunk of a car or carry it with them. It all consists of a heavy and bulky part. Some people use unacceptable lead-acid batteries and / or require on-board batteries. All scooters are fast and are not allowed in most public places and airlines. Therefore, traveling with a much-needed motorcycle is not possible.

The Solutions
Free-standing, slow-moving, 3-wheel, 2-part, ultra-smart, ultra-portable electric scooter. It addresses all known issues. It can be disassembled and stowed in a suitcase in seven seconds and can be used anywhere, including airplanes and all public places. Meet TSA and airline regulations.

The benefits
  1. permanent as long as, slow mobile, two light-wight section, simple to carry with use
  2. slow mobile in 4.35 MPH ,safer.
  3. higher speed Role model Yes available on command of MOQ 100
  4. three times disc brake system for all three wheel
  5. car engine cut off and use The brake
  6. Assembly, disassembly in second, simple to load to make car trunk.
  7. user do Do not need to buy One vehicle carry
  8. it give people Who feel self conscious to use wheelchair One gift of life. right now they were able support ñ walk Said proudly.
  9. excellent for all use: personal, business, industry with Safety.
  10. allow everywhere for presence slow mobile
  11. have One automatic folding Baggage support
  12. Collapsible Volume for simple Growth decrease of column length.

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